One of My Favourite Series Does It Again

I fell in love with Harry Hawkins way back in his first couple of books. He was a London cop back then and I described him as Dirty Harry if he’d been born in London and grew up in the soccer stadiums of England. Over the years, I’ve followed him while he saved England and stopped a regicide, battled Russians, the London underworld, sexual preditors and crazy occultists, and survived a stint in an American prison on a trumpted up sex murder charge.

After all the edge of your seat drama, I wondered how this latest book would top all that. Telling you how it was done would be way too many spoilers for a book review, but trust me, the brothers Robson managed to do it in a big way.

In Undefeated, the whole Hawkins family gets involved, taking on old enemies and old ghosts, dealing with family honour and family tragedy. They made me laugh, made me cringe at the violence and cheer at the justice and before the last page, they even made me cry.

Undefeated is a great book, one that I will take pride of place beside the rest of the London Large novels and, if my guess is right, mark a turning point in the Hawkins family saga.

I can’t wait to find out where the tale will go next.

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