A Bit About Me

I’ve been promising myself I’d do this or a long time … years actually.  I worked for more than 38 years, as everything from a mini-putt attendant to an administrative manager on a huge, national project that employed thousands of people from coast to coast to coast to the American border.  Over the years, I thought a lot, learned a little and met some amazing people.  Then, 2 years ago, I decided I’d had enough of the government life, and I retired from the business world – at least for now.

Since then, I’ve spent my time reading and reviewing, cooking up a storm, rocking to “that old time Rock &Roll”, travelling a little and reflecting on life, the universe and everything. Now it’s time to turn all that experience and all those interests into something more concrete – ideas, reactions and speculations on the world out there.

What follows in future blogs will be reviews on books and music, musings on the world today, my adventures in cooking and the places I’ve been.  I won’t promise they’ll be regular; given the amount of time it’s taken me to get this far, it’s pretty likely they’ll appear on a very intermittent basis, as the spirit moves me.  On the other hand, I might find blogging to be inspirational and you might find far more here than you either imagined or wanted.

We’ll just have to let this adventure in blogging unfold and see where it goes.

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